Thursday, March 19, 2009

Song of the Day


The Scene Aesthetic - Beauty in the Breakdown

--------------Here is a scene to set the mood for this song by The Scene Aesthetic:

One of my best friends lives in my neighborhood, and all throughout High School we'd have jam sessions in the attic of his house. There would be at least ten of us crammed into a tiny little room packed with recliners, amplifiers, a mini fridge, a full drum set, and recording equipment. We muted the drums with a baby comforter and pillows, and you always had to duck to avoid being hit by a guitar neck.

"Beauty in the Breakdown" was one of our songs - everyone would get involved in harmonizing, strumming acoustics or unplugged electrics or just laughing and having a great time listening. This song brings us back together whenever we're home from our far off lands of education. The lyrics are loving and charming, and you can't miss out on this one. Get it from The Scene Aesthetic's self titled album.

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