Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Song of the Day


Jack's Mannequin - Crashing

------------I don't usually like to gush about how much I am unconditionally in love with one singer or another, but Andrew McMahon has absolutely influenced my character over the years with his deeply meaningful lyrics and alternative outlook on life. In "Crashing," lyrics that bemoan the demise of music are veiled in softly tumbling piano and flickers of electric guitar and an echoing chorus. Jack's Mannequin's second studio album The Glass Passenger was released in 2008, written after lead singer/songwriter Andrew McMahon was diagnosed with leukemia. Family, friends, and fans are thankful that the frontman is in remission and currently on tour with The Fray.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Song of the Day


Rage Against the Machine - Testify

----------To start, the RATM song most listeners are familiar with is the one most commonly misnamed: it's called "Bulls on Parade," not "Pocket Full of Shells."

Now that we've clarified that and you're all going to change the title in your itunes library, throw on "Testify." "Testify" gushes with aggressive guitar and politically-driven lyrics. No doubt the government bash screams political agenda through Zac de la Rocha's flawless and biting rhymes. Tom Morrello (maybe you've heard of him) plays a mean guitar as well, but my words can't do it justice.
But if you're not left, right, or in the middle about politics, Rage can get you angry enough to punch an infant or run for three days straight on pure rock adrenaline. Get "Testify" from Rage's third studio album, The Battle of Los Angeles.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Song of the Day


Hit the Lights - Back Breaker

-----------Skipping school and starting fights isn't the best advice to give the pop-punk loving fans of Hit the Lights. But hells no they don't care - it's the name of their debut album, and it's been so well-recieved, they can do what they want! "Back Breaker" has the dance-all-night rock energy and chicks-go-crazy-over-the-lead-singer vocals. Think of All Time Low with the energy of Forever the Sickest Kids, and you have Hit the Lights. "Back Breaker" belongs on a playlist with ATL's "Dear Maria" and FSK's "She's a Lady." Take a listen to Hit the Light's new album, Skip School, Start Fights, and pick up a sweet-ass tee at Glamour Kills along with the CD.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Song of the Day


Spring Awakening - My Junk

-------------Now I'm not an expert on musical reviews, but when the New York Times declares that because of Spring Awakening, "Broadway will never be the same," you have to pay attention. Picture Catcher in the Rye meets Rent for young adults, and you'll get the inspiring, heart-rendering, and gripping music from Spring Awakening. "My Junk" is a giggle at false innuendo, because the song is a bright-eyed bud of victorian romance. "We've all got our junk/And my junk is you." - aw!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mix of the Day

Holden Beach, NC
Spring Break 2009 Mix:

Throwback/"Damn, I Haven't Heard That in a While!"

------------Because I was so thrilled to scavenge for the perfect old school songs for my vintage mix, I felt obliged to post the playlist. Now, I did an artist repeat with Sugar Ray, at the request of my housemates who love and miss the band. Besides that, the mix is quite enjoyable on a sunny-day or for a jam sesh with friends.

1. Sugar Ray - Every Morning

2. Will Smith - Gettin' Jiggy With It

3. Britney Spears - Baby One More Time

4. N*SYNC - It's Gonna Be Me

5. Jimmy Eat World - In the Middle

6. The Goo Goo Dolls - Slide

7. Sugar Ray - Fly

8. LFO - Summergirls

9. Sublime - What I've Got

10. Nelly - Ride Wit Me

11. Crazytown - Butterfly

12. Shaggy - Angel

13. Earth, Wind, and Fire - September

14. Run DMC - It's Tricky

15. MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This

16. Sugar Ray - When It's Over

17. Uncle Cracker - Follow Me

18. Sugar Ray - Someday

19. Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want

Monday, April 20, 2009

Song of the Day


Thomas Cunningham - Twilight

-----------Pandora introduced me to Thomas Cunningham, an Air Force graduate/singer songwriter from Woodland, California. The warmth in Cunningham's echoing vocals is reminiscient of a Bob Dylan, "Travellin' Man" type of singing. He lists writing material for Taylor Swift or Tim McGraw as one of his future goals, having just finished recording in Franklin, Tennessee. "Twilight" sways and bounces like sweatpants in a dryer, emoting a pleasant, free spirit in the listener. Though Cunningham can credit most of his fame to "The Bottle of Wine," taking a sip of "Twilight" from his 2007 album Goodbye, Emily Jane is just as satisfying.
**Also, my deepest apologies for my recent absence from SAS. Traded in my keyboard in favor of a surfboard for a week.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Song of the Day


Limp Bizkit - Butterfly

-----------If you haven't heard Limp Bizkit in a while, neither have I. I was compiling a throwback mix for my spring break house, and I came across Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog Flavored Water, Limp Bizkit's 2000 album that houses this seductive reggaeton beat. Fred Durst praises the fluttering muse of "Butterfly" with silky smooth rhymes and enough attitude to make it club worthy, without the sappy balladry. Get "Butterfly" on Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog Flavored Water.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Song of the Day


Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Snake Devil

-------------SKSK lives up to their scary name by doing scary things onstage. The first time I ever caught Scary Kids Scaring Kids in Charlotte, the show had amp-climbing, rafter-swinging, and Pouyan falling from the rafters on top of my friends. There's no denying that the band delivers a punching, relentless onslaught of metal and rock, and "Snake Devil" is no exception. "Snake Devil" has Tyson Stevens in a deep howl and Lil' Steezy and Chad kicking ass on guitars inspired by classic metal. Get "Snake Devil" from their 2007 self-titled album.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Song of the Day


Money Talks - AC/DC

-------------It's a rock n' roll throwback night, and who better to have as a featured band than AC/DC? Yes, the true Thunder from Down Under has given us the legendary schoolboy looks and smart-ass antics of Angus Young, the late Bon Scott's gritty wail, and some of the most recognizable riffs in rock and roll.

"Money Talks" is for all the gold diggers. Young's blues-tinged progression charges the song with an electricity that can only be found in strip clubs and bars. The lyrics are begging, but Brian Johnson (who replaced Scott in 1980) is anything but the victim. He just wants it. All of it. Get "Money Talks" from AC/DC's 1990 album, The Razor's Edge.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Song of the Day


The Hello Approach - What Goes Around Comes Around

-----------A wiseman's saying that never ceases to haunt us young-and-in-lovers, to be sure. "What Goes Around..." tells it like it is: you had me, you left, now you want me back. Pretty basic, no?

Never fear; The Hello Approach brings sweeping vocals and heartfelt instrumentals into their song. "I used to think you were beautiful/But it all stops at the skin" harken to those shallow girls stuck in the relationship kiddie pool. The karma for the Hello Approach is as follows: if you're super nice and check out their songs from their self-titled demo, they'll be pleased as punch to give you much more.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Song of the Day

Benjamin Pacheco - Falling Away
--------------Benjamin Pacheco probably never expected his song "Falling Away" to be heard by millions by backing up a major corporation's lemon-lime beverage. Yes, "Falling Away" is the 'take me there" song of the Sprite commercials where everyone jumps into the illusioned basketball court/swimming pool.
But the Dayton, Ohio songwriter who hit up Harvard for tech services unabashedly acknowledges the commercialism and embraces the song as "his best work."

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Song of the Day


The Stone Roses - Fools Gold

-----------The Stone Roses are hardly a one-note band. Listening to their albums, one wonders if the Stone Roses take on several aliases in their instrumentals, rythems, and even vocals. Tonight, the Stone Roses are on a mission: the name is Gold, Fools Gold.
"Fools Gold" belongs in a spy/action movie like James Bond in a tux. It's stealthy beat laden with funk guitars brings the new-age sophistication of espionage back to the days of the reckless and clever Starsky and Hutch. So if you're deciphering the code to your Tivo box or hacking into Steve Job's personal email, "Fools Gold" from the Stone Roses self-titled album is your best weapon in your music arsenal.