Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Song of the Day

The Virgins - Rich Girls
-----------------This song is my Song of the Day because I met some girls the other day that reminded me of Desperate Housewives - mindblowingly stuck up and snobby, ready to judge my every move and relentless in up-down stares skimming my dress. Stuff happens, especially since girls are the most vile people on the planet (yes, they are). The Virgins sum it up completely with the music of a Saturday Night Fever swagger and lyrics that could only praise Blair Waldorf. Get "Rich Girls" from the Virgins 2008 self-titled album.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Song of the Day

S Club 7 - S Club Party
----------------Sometimes the sun magically appears on an otherwise rainy day thanks to a group you haven't heard since you were in elementary school. This group is the TV boy/girl band S Club 7, who's multi-part harmony and Adidas inspired wardrobe of track pants and sports bra shirt things made Brit pop acts stretch the Spice Girl legacy a bit further.

The official video for the group's theme song "S Club Party" looks like a modern version of the street race from Grease, with muscle cars and synchronized, electric- slide dance moves. If anything, you'll enjoy the throwback nature of S Club 7, even if you can't shelve your pride to be a "foxy mama" and "show your na-na's."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Song of the Day

Jesse Harris - Don't Know Why
-------------Even if your debut album won multiple Grammys and was one of the last albums to sell millions in a short period of time, that doesn't mean you're immune to covers! I'm speaking, of course, of Norah Jones, a songbird of massive popular appeal with a coffee house voice to soothe the spirit. Jesse Harris, a New York City native, has toured with Annie DeFranco and covered songs by Cat Power, Bright Eyes, and more. This clip is from the New York Songwriter's Circle.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Song of the Day

Madonna by the cast of "Glee" - Borderline/Open Your Heart
----------I'm happy to don some geometric plastic earrings, scraggly hair and cone bra for today's post about Madge. And before you start calling me a gleek (an endearing term named for those obsessed with the musical highschoolsical show Glee) the "Power of Madonna" was the first episode I ever viewed.
Of course I prefer the Kaballah queen herself, but the cast of Glee who have broadway credentials from Spring Awakening to failed boy-bands, pulled off this rendition of "Borderline/Open Your Heart" with exceptional, albeit gleeful pizazz.
Glee doesn't keep it PG with "Like a Virgin" or "Express Yourself," amping up the sex appeal to illustrate Madonna's dominatrix schpeil. And Glee would be nothing without Jane Lynch. Jus' Sayin.'

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Song of the Day

Tommy Sparks - She's Got Me Dancing
--------------How fun would it be to get paid to listen to music and pick your favorites for TV shows? I envy you, all of you, who are able to do that for a living - my goodness you must have four ipods full of great music.

Maybe one of those ipods has Tommy Sparks on it, who I'm going to officially name the product placement artist of 2010. Not only was Spark's electro-disco beat "She's Got Me Dancing" featured on an episode of the CW's Gossip Girl, he's also had it featured on an Apple itouch commercial, Sony Eyepet, aannd FIFA 10. Call him a sellout if you wish, but once you listen to "She's Got Me Dancing" from his 2009 self-titled release, you might not care so much. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Song of the Day


Ratatat - Cherry

---------------I trolled around on today to find some new albums released today (Tuesday is the official unofficial release date for most albums, by the way), and I wasn't satisfied with the attractiveness of the names on the list.

I saw one band named after what I swear is a character from Harry Potter (Deadelus, as in Deadelus Diggle?, nerds? anyone?), and a separation of a hotspot Florida city, Mi Ami. Not too appealing, let's be real here.

Some of you may have been waiting for me to talk about Ratatat. Ratatat is a New York City electronica duo of Mike Stroud and Evan Mast playing synthesizer and bass, respectively. Not always known as Ratatat, "Cherry is a tribute to the band's original name.

"Cherry" is a sweet-synth mass of Chutes and Ladders chord progressions and a minimalist bass line that's perfect for today of all days. This instrumental album is a prelude to the massive hip hop collaborations Ratatat would do on their next two LP's, working with everyone from Kanye West to Kid Cudi. "Cherry" is the final song on their debut full-length, 2004's Ratatat.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Song of the Day


Atmosphere - Sunshine

--------------It's a beautiful new day for Songs All Seven, I can tell you that much. I hope you all like the new logo - thank you David Newson for your talents and time!

Atmosphere has my spirits flying high this week, even though I'm up to my nose in papers and many, many random things that I need to write down or else I'm bound to forget to do it. Any fan of well written ciphers the likes of Lupe Fiasco and Talib Kweli will gravitate towards Atmosphere.

A group that has been making indie hip-hop beats since 1993, Atmosphere have amassed a massive following with 50 million + listens on their Myspace place and a number of albums. To this day they remain one of the most successful independent hip hop artists in music. They're humble in their collaborations and heavy in their lyrical content, from their Minneapolis hometown to the blue collar life, drugs and women.

"Sunshine" doesn't carry as much weight as Atmosphere's usual material. It's drunk with optimism and good day feelings, despite a rather rocky morning. The lyrics document a nasty hangover and what a bicycle can do for your happiness. Get it from Atmosphere's 2007 EP, Sad Clown Bad Summer Number 9.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Under Construction, S.A.S. Style

Hello All,

This is Meg, the one who actually writes all of this stuff you see on your computer screen every day for new tunes. We're going under some renovations 'round these parts, so I'll be a bit m.i.a. for a couple of days or so. But never fear! I'll return with a bigger better and sexier looking blogosphere of musical magic.

-Take Care

Monday, April 12, 2010

Song of the Day


Athlete - Superhuman Touch

------------At some point in our lives, we wished we were athletes - professional or not, there's a sport we never totally cleaned house with (cross country - yes, I am living proof you can suck at running) or a practice we skipped here and there. Even if sports aren't your thing, you can still be a fan of athletes or Athlete, which I prefer.

Athlete are a four-piece band from the United Kingdom who've been around since 2003, producing five albums and collectively selling over a million copies in their career. Not bad for any band in these digital days.

Their latest EP entitled The Getaway, has flavors of electro-pop and indie rock that sounds like the Levi wearing baby of Phoenix, Aqualung and Snow Patrol. "Superhuman Touch" has a poppy button-pushing dancebeat in a medley keyboards and synthesizers. This song is also available on Athlete's 2009 full-length release, Black Swan.

P.S. For those of you who joined any group along the lines of "I Heard of (insert band) Before They Were Famous," I'm going to be a sassy little tart and tell you no one cares so you shouldn't bother with it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Song of the Day


Bach - Cello Suite No. 1

------------I have a music exam tomorrow morning, so I thought I'd add to my studies and to your classical music repitoire by giving you some good ol' late baroque period compositions. This piece, which you have heard on a Sprint phone commercial here and there, is only two minutes and 37 seconds long, but is more detailed than 90 percent of music produced in the 21st century. I mean, look at that serious face, that's the face of a serious composer with serious credentials to write a serious composition. Seriously.
While classical compositions may not jive with your Lamb of God or Paramore, this piece can be appreciated for its tradition and complexity. Plus, it's a great nap-time song, or if you're filming an indie movie with falling leaves or flower petals or Zach Braff's in it, this song might make the unexpected cut for the soundtrack. Ya never know....

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Bob Marley - One Love

-------------Or as TOMs shoes founder Blake Mycoskie would say, One for One. Today is Day Without Shoes Day, where followers of the TOMs footwear phenomenea walk around barefoot to get an idea of what kids without kicks go through every day.

I have a couple of pairs of TOMs, and I decided to partake in the movement. I'm shocked I didn't get a gigantic rock of gravel lodged into my heel, but for those who did, I'm sorry. Bob Marley's band, The Wailers, will be in town this Saturday at Legends, so for those who want to see the multimember reggae band, come out to the show. Bob Marley's "One Love" is for those who are barefooting it through rain, dirt and gravel every day.

To Find Out More About the TOMs Shoes Story, Visit:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Song of the Day


Goldfrapp - Rocket

--------------Allison Goldfrapp's bouncy blonde curls and an intriguing mix of punky lamblike innocence make her appear to be the 2010 Debbie Harrie. She and Wil Gregory have unearthed a planet of electro-rock moments straight out of 1985 on their second full-length, Head First. calls it "roller-disco-synth-pop," but that's too many hyphens for my scholarly and super duper smartypants writings.

The reason for choosing "Rocket" is pretty simple. The video smothers the top of Goldfrapp myspace page, and it just randomly began to play and I said "whaa?!" As you watch, you'll notice the imagery is rather fallic, but fun in a femme fatale kind of way.

Also check out Goldfrapp's 2008 album, Seventh Tree, featuring some favorites like "Caravan Girl" and "Happiness."

Also, I think Starbucks is missing out on a huge business endeavor by not making Goldfrapp into a tasty sweet $7 beverage.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Song of the Day


Matchbox Twenty - 3 a.m.

------------Not kidding, that's when I finally fell into slumber's softly swaying embrace a few nights ago. Living among neanderthal grunts, urgs and HOOOOOOOOOOOs that permeate through your wall like water in a screen wills you to think you're capable of murder.

Besides taking the title literally, "3 a.m." is about Matchbox Twenty peanut butter throated Rob Thomas' mother.

The song chronicles a battle with cancer and the uncertain optimism held onto throughout the ordeal. It's one of Matchbox Twenty's biggest hits, and definitely one that placed the band on pulpits of radio play and recognition on the street.

Matchbox Twenty haven't been in the studio since the release of Exile on Mainstream in 2007, but Thomas has said repeatedly that the band will be recording an album sometime this year. Be on the lookout, and in the meantime, enjoy this album.

Key Tracks: Back to Good, Unwell, Disease, If You're Gone