Thursday, June 25, 2009

Song of the Day


Michael Jackson - The Girl is Mine

-----------------Though the King of Pop has passed away and is moonwalking his way through the great beyond, Michael Jackson's unforgettable and innovative music will always remain here for his family, friends, and fans to enjoy forever. "The Girl is Mine" is a playful battle for one lady's affections between Jackson and his close friend, Sir Paul McCartney. Argued over a smooth R&B pop ballad, Jackson coyly reminds his friend that he's "a lover not a fighter." So who wins, the King or the Sir? I think we all know who got the girl.

In light of his passing, simply listening to "The Girl is Mine" and nothing else from Michael Jackson's Thriller would do no justice to the tremendous impact the album had in its release and still has today. Changing the face of pop music forever, every track on Thriller is more than worth a listen.

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