Saturday, December 11, 2010

Song of the Day

Niki and the Dove - Mother Protect
----------------Somehow the posting has been slow but the Tweeting hasn't slowed down. Hey, sometimes its easier to just let you know what I'm listening to with an artist and song title, rather than a description. But that's what this blog is all about, and I owe it to you all.

  Niki and the Dove is featured on Nylon Magazine's website as an artist under the radar. She's a confident lioness in the jungle of female singers (what'd you think of that metaphor? Lame? Meh). Niki and the Dove have a new-world electronica aesthetic that sounds less like M.I.A. and more Florence and the Machine on holiday. Niki and the Dove's Swedish gothic-pop music is definitely something to hear, and you can for free on

Free Download on NylonMag

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