Sunday, January 9, 2011

Song of the Day

DJ Nate - Back Up Kid
----------------In terms of rap and hip-hop, a lot of people ask "west coast or east?" I have very good reasons for liking both: my dad's from Los Angeles and I was born in Oakland, but my mom is from New York. So isn't that sort of like choosing between mom and dad?

  While I won't give away my actual favorite, Chicago is home of many of rap and hip-hop's leaders, particularly Common and Kanye West. Now there's a new kid emerging from the windy city: DJ Nate. His song "Back Up Kid" combines traditional hip hop tracks with a little dubstep in the chorus. It's catchy and promising, and his LP Da Trak Genious was released in October, 2010.

So if you're worried about pledging your allegiance to either coast, maybe the middle with DJ Nate is the perfect place.

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