Saturday, May 29, 2010

Song of the Day

Kele - Tenderoni
------------------After a week of listening to new Kanye West tracks, Drake and Jay-Z collabs and nineteen-year-old brit crossovers, I'm saturated in upcoming music from artists that we've already got on our ipods.
Kele Okereke stood at the front of three albums Bloc Party. Now he's taking the party into the club with full-force in his album, The Boxer.
If you've already booked Kele for your Summer Rager playlist, good for you. I'm listening to it for what will be the fifth time in a row and I'm still nodding my head. "Tenderoni" harkens to the strobed, sweaty dance clubs, electrifying with an eighties jungle drum beat and lyrics Madonna would die over.

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