Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Rest is Up to You - Enjoy the Show!

  Sometimes you'll hear a song or listen to an album that reawakens a sleeping side of you. When I listened to The Rest is Up to You, my snoozing sense of pop punk woke up with hands clapping and a best-years-of-our-lives attitude. Enjoy the Show is the premiere EP of The Rest is Up to You, a project of 21-year old Brian Fried. 

The Rest is Up to You promises songs that will make you want to sing-a-long, dance and drive fast with the windows down and wind in your hair. 

A Brooklyn boy based in Boone, North Carolina, Fried draws his influences from "the good old days of pop punk." He's a fan of everything from Brand New to actress Brittany Snow and Katy Perry.  From a listen to tracks like "Give it All Up," listeners of The Maine and The Starting Line will appreciate the catchy choruses and simple yet fun lyrics.  

Enjoy the Show! reminds me of a day at Warped Tour - there's a mix of all types of pop punk influences that fit perfectly against the other. Recorded at Misty Hill Music in Maryland, Fried's first effort brings us a relief from heavy synthesized breakdowns and any genre described with "core." And also like Warped Tour, it's killer fun. The single "Miss Jealousy" works up a full-bodied pop song with girl v. boy trust issues and "My Everything (Head Over Heels) takes over as the top track that will make you go "aawh!"

The Rest is Up to You puts forth a notable first effort. The EP revisits what feels like a long-lost type of original pop punk. It's great for a look back to the songs you heard in high school, and for all ages to enjoy. Somehow, even though we've heard stuff like Fried's before, we can't stop enjoying the show.

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