Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Album I Love - Adele 21

I know, I know - 21 has been out for a while. But I literally just got it this afternoon, and I adore it. The girl’s only a year older than I am but she’s singin’ like she’s seen it all and done it all - with class. Soulful is an understatement. There’s some earth-shattering, chills inducing resonance with her voice that no amount of words could ever do justice to describe.
  Adele yanks heartstrings in all directions of love - the resentful, the broken and the satisfied. “One and Only” puts a lump in the throats of the heartbroken while the very next track “Lovesong” is devotional. These are the paradoxes that make 21 all the more intriguing and likable. 
 ”Rolling in the Deep” is right up there with the tenacious power ballads like Duffy’s “Mercy” and Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over.” If you’re new to Adele and need a good jumping-off point, “Rolling” is the way to go.
The album closes with “Someone Like You,” where Adele’s vulnerable honesty coupled with her determination to carry on makes for a complicated but optimistic ending. 

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