Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Been a While...

Hey all on Tumblr/Twitter/Blogspot/Buzznet,
  Woo! Vacation was fun (sorry I couldn’t take you all with me - it would’ve been funner-er). Anyway, I’ve got a little list of musical musicians that I’ve been feeling lately, and hopefully you’ll find one that you like for yourself:
1. B.B. King - the guy is a legend in blues. Plain and simple, if he’s playing this summer at London’s Royal Albert Hall for the equivalent of a $200 ticket, you’ve done something in music. The Greatest Hits route is best for an introduction.
2.Eliot Lipp - Ambient, electro-insert adjective music. Perfect compliment to Four Tet. 
3. Adele - no words necessary. Just the number 21.
4. PANTyRAID - a dubstep group I can’t get enough of, mostly for the hip-hop tinged backdrop. It’s got a mix of Ratatat with a lot less grain. If you’re gonna listen to PANTyRAID also hear Black Moth Super Rainbow. 

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