Sunday, December 21, 2008


I was leafing through some old work, and I found this poem that I threw together for my school's literary magazine.

Pinstraight steel lines hover gracefully
Over a long, smooth neck,
Anticipating a daily muse,
To pluck, strike, or strum away

Left and right work in harmony
With a touch of thin diamond
That lasts through thick and thin
And sometimes, even medium

While they are twisted, bent,
Beaten, hard, and snapped,
The sharp steel that grazes my left
Feels like the loveliest lace,
Dressing naked, cold emotions

A trinity of tones
With a simple turn transforms
Smoth sounds of water
Into raging, rapid fire
And a mellow moan
Into thunderstruck throwdowns

The deep colored sunset silk body
Embodies the vibrations
That take a winding journey
To amplify, cry
Yell, rebel
Praise and amaze
Once silent souls

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