Monday, December 29, 2008

The Infectious Nature of Bubonik Funk

High School bands. In stereotype, they were either sononymous with explosive, raging rebellion in their metal core bands, or their influences were abound in pshycadellic paraphenalia.
Maybe the pinnacle of a HSB career is a couple of inimate gigs, playing at parties, or just getting 100 plays on Myspace.
Bubonik Funk, a Charlotte, N.C. based group, is a funk rock band that deserves the bigger stage beyond the school gymnasium. Their chemistry goes beyond simply paying attention. It is a cohesive synergy, giving BFunk's music a clean, technical sound. Their music is a testament to their education in music history, with influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix and Parliament/Funkadelic, to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Radiohead.

Bubonik Funk will be playing a show at The Evening Muse in North Davidson on January 2nd. Get out there if you can, and take a listen on their Myspace page.

Take a listen to Bubonik Funk. On a personal note, this band is very close to my heart, and holds some good memories of great times.

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