Monday, April 20, 2009

Song of the Day


Thomas Cunningham - Twilight

-----------Pandora introduced me to Thomas Cunningham, an Air Force graduate/singer songwriter from Woodland, California. The warmth in Cunningham's echoing vocals is reminiscient of a Bob Dylan, "Travellin' Man" type of singing. He lists writing material for Taylor Swift or Tim McGraw as one of his future goals, having just finished recording in Franklin, Tennessee. "Twilight" sways and bounces like sweatpants in a dryer, emoting a pleasant, free spirit in the listener. Though Cunningham can credit most of his fame to "The Bottle of Wine," taking a sip of "Twilight" from his 2007 album Goodbye, Emily Jane is just as satisfying.
**Also, my deepest apologies for my recent absence from SAS. Traded in my keyboard in favor of a surfboard for a week.

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