Monday, April 27, 2009

Song of the Day


Hit the Lights - Back Breaker

-----------Skipping school and starting fights isn't the best advice to give the pop-punk loving fans of Hit the Lights. But hells no they don't care - it's the name of their debut album, and it's been so well-recieved, they can do what they want! "Back Breaker" has the dance-all-night rock energy and chicks-go-crazy-over-the-lead-singer vocals. Think of All Time Low with the energy of Forever the Sickest Kids, and you have Hit the Lights. "Back Breaker" belongs on a playlist with ATL's "Dear Maria" and FSK's "She's a Lady." Take a listen to Hit the Light's new album, Skip School, Start Fights, and pick up a sweet-ass tee at Glamour Kills along with the CD.

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