Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Song of the Day


Juanes - A Dios Me Pido

-----------Listas para la musica hispanica? Well, if you can translate what twelve years of spanish class amounted to (that sentence, right there), then clearly you're ready for some hispanic music. Juanes is not your typical Enrique "Una Noche" kind of musician. While he has his boyish good looks swooning voice, "A Dios Me Pido," translated "I Ask God" is one man's prayer that the world will live in harmony, friends and family will stay happy, and - of course - the one he loves will stay with him forever.
Juanes hails from Colombia, South America where he is noted as a rock musician and cites Metallica as a major influence for his early days as a metalhead (listening to "A Dios," you'd never guess). With guitar licks like Santana and a Latin pop star voice, one cannot miss out on "A Dios Me Pido" from Juanes' sophomore platinum album, Un Dia Normal.

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