Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rocking Retail - The Essential Shopping Classics

Was everyone excited for another tax-free weekend?! I definitely was, and while I experienced sensory overload from aisles and aisles of clothes, shoes, and bags, I couldn't get the songs played in Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and other stores out of my head. To honor the recycled retail classics, I have the top six songs to hear in department stores. Download if you please, but if these songs just remind you of failing to find your size in jeans or spending this month's paycheck, I would save these for the next shopping trip.

Rocking Retail - The Essential Shopping Classics

1. Faith Hill - This Kiss
------basically a pop country favorite of consignment stores around the nation. And as many times as I've heard it, I still only know the lines "it's centrivical motion...this kiss/this kiss."

2. No Doubt - Don't Speak
------Gwen Stefani's fashion label L.A.M.B. was just another incentive to play this heartbreaking punk tear jerker throughout stores carrying her merchandise. This retail therapy booster is for the shopper who wants to remember a breakup whilst searching for slingbacks. Say hello to the only motivation to buy, buy, buy because of bye, bye, byes.

3. Santana feat. Steven Tyler - Just Feel Better
------Yet another proponent of retail therapy, this wailing guitar sob story may as well have the lyrics "I'm gonna buy anything to just feel better." Once again, I have trouble understanding the need to play woe-is-me music while wandering through stores. A little word of advice to retailers - negativity repels customers!

4. Sheryl Crowe - All I Wanna Do
-------Now this is a bit better! With its reggae inspired beat and sunshine disposition, "All I Wanna Do" puts a smile on the faces of buyers all over. It's true - all I wanna do is have some fun, and that's what shopping should be all about.

5. The Goo Goo Dolls - Slide
-------Even if you don't have a beau to love, at least you can find some clothes that'll never talk back or leave you! "Slide" is full of spontaneity and uninhibited devotion, a feeling you can relate to a splurge buy or becoming soul mates with the clearance rack. It's widely recognized riff and happy-dappy lyrics will have you dancing while browsing, too.

6. Natasha Beddingfeild - Unwritten
--------Power to the funky and fabulous! Ever since "Unwritten" hit mainstream radio and welcomed LC to "The Hills," every store from L.A. to New York has snatched up this self-esteem booster to wrap their customers in warm, fuzzy confidence. Expressing individuality and a better tomorrow, "Unwritten" is a friendly face in the world of consumerism.

7. Jason Mraz - The Remedy (I Won't Worry)
---------Once again, retailers coerce us into throwing our troubles away and imersing ourselves in the moment (long enough to take a second look at cute handbag, anyways). Perhaps it's Mraz's fun and quirky wordplay and chorus stamped with a gigantic smiley face that makes stores scramble for this song. In any case, "The Remedy" gives us all a healing sensation to keep on shopping until we drop.

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