Monday, August 31, 2009

Song of the Day


Lydia - A Fine Evening For a Rogue

---------Quite the rainy, chilly day. When you're living amongst the clouds that drag themselves lazily across mountaintops, a snuggly hoodie and some great music (and coffee from BeansTalk) is sublime. Today, we'll take a listen to Lydia, the indie rock darlings of Phoenix, Arizona who have touched the hearts of those who seek the instrumentally precise, the clean and beautifully somber vocals of Leighton Antelman, and the introspective. "A Fine Evening For a Rogue" exemplifies all of these fragile yet certain characteristics of the sextet. Get "A Fine Evening For a Rogue" from Lydia's album, Illuminate, illustrated by Becky Filip with some of the most captivating artwork I've seen in quite some time.

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