Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Song of the Day


The Derek Trucks Band - Down in the Flood

------------Apart from witnessing firsthand that the Perfect Brownie pan really does, in fact, make a perfect brownie every time, nothing too exciting or brand new happened to me today. While avoiding the bag full of work that lay beside me in my favorite java stop, I picked up a 1991 "Rolling Stone" mag from a Rubbermaid bin underneath a table. It was The Hot Issue, an annual edition of RS that steamily features the best of the smoldering best for that year. And who was in it but a tiny Derek Trucks, snickering about how playing guitar gigs on schoolnights really made him feel like a badass.

Little Trucks may have felt proud of his prepubescent rebel self then, but it can't be anywhere near his renegade, modern guitar-god status that he's acquired over the years. Today's song, "Down in the Flood," evokes memories of an early rock n' roll blues man who made the house rock back in the day. The song's current flows swift and true, and Truck's six-string talents are, for his standards, demure, but powerful. It's from the album Already Free.

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