Monday, July 12, 2010

Song of the Day

Hole - Anything By Hole
------------------On this Monday morning I am comfortably sunk into my couch sipping on a powdered just-add-milk cappuccino and puttering away through the world wide web. Meanwhile my sister is sweating her ass off doing lunge squat dip powersurge monster lifts on some Beachbody home workout DVD. I love being lazy.

Now that you've had a webcam into my room, I can talk about Hole. The female alt-rock band fronted by Courtney Love has been in music way before the mass text was sent out that they were suddenly cool again. THe band represents a whole lot of what grunge was about - a misunderstood, moody and aggressive voice that shattered the rock n' roll party image of the eighties. Hole had a small hit with "Celebrity Skin" but have been relatively under the radar in recent years. Rough and tough with a little softness, Hole has a handful of winners that make spitting out your pissed-off feelings seem okay.

Here's a breakdown of some essentials:

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