Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Song of the Day

Smith Westerns - Be My Girl
---------------There are a lot of bands out there on Last FM and Pandora and (insert name of music search engine here) that sound like a fuzzy-recording knock off of jukebox jams from chrome diners in the fifties and sixties. Lately, I've been attracted to those types of bands that would play in the dark side of a diner. Smith Westerns is a perfect example of that slightly punk-grunge tint that combines a vintage sound with other decades. If I could pay 50 cents to hear them with a burger and root beer float, I'd do it.

Smith Westerns is three guys from Chicago who apparently aren't even old enough to drink. But who knows heartbreak better than teenage boys? Be My Girl belongs on a soundtrack starring Michael Cera, maybe, but with the themes of "Be My Girl," it's nothing to pass up soon.

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