Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pictures from the 2009 Vans Warped Tour

Ah, yes - another wonderful year of Warped! Who can resist the cacophonic sounds of multiple bands playing at once, the smell of sweat, cigarette smoke, and $9 pizza wafting about the tents? Surely not a punk-lover hungry for a chance to see all of their Top 25 Most Played bands all in one spot. And so, here are some highlights from the day, from the top, moving down:
1. A perfect car for the Dude Ranch
2. Bassist Roger Manganelli from Florida ska-punk band, Less Than Jake. In the middle of the set, lead vocalist Chris Demakes called out a yawner standing in the crowd. "There are two things I can't stand at a show," Demakes yelled "Texting and fucking yawning." Once this sleepy girl got onstage, everyone booed. The moral of the story: watch your mouth, or LTJ will shut it for you.
3. Raising the bar at the half-pipe. The pipeline pipsqueak in the front was nailing the ramp better than most skaters twice his height. Clearly, size doesn't matter.
4. Your beloved blogger and The Buddy Neilson from Senses Fail. Even though the band wouldn't perform until nightfall, the group could be found dashing Sharpies over tees and CDs or flashing smiles for cameras early in the day.
5. Craig Owens of Chiodos. It looked like a thunderstorm was rolling in as their set began, but no one would have ever heard it.
6. Merch Mania

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