Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Song of the Day


Brooke Hogan - Falling

----------Thank heavens that Brooke "Heartbreaker" Hogan (as it's called on her Myspace) has a famous daddy to get her into the studio to run through track after track of honestly predictable pop beats. Sure, she made a glittery brush over 2007 ears with her single "About Us." Well, when it comes to making a sexy-cute pop song, Brooke knows best. "Falling" is a kissy-goo eyed crush performed with her ex beau, a rapper by the name of Stack$. Males may want to stray away from this one, however the music video features the busty blonde in a blue bikini (sexy alliteration, no?). Get "Falling" from Brooke's latest album, Judgement Day.

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