Friday, July 31, 2009

Song of the Day


Pennywise - The American Dream

-------------When most hear the word "vintage" they think of old phones with the turn dials, priceless jewels, and vinyl records. But what about a punk vinyl LP from 1999? When I popped over to Manifest in search of a punk record, I didn't think Pennywise's Straight Ahead would even be vinyl in the first place. The Hermosa Beach punk band has been playing since '88 and has seen many days of the nineties, a time when CDs were taking over vinyl sales and the term "boy band" became sononymous with success.

Rather than languish in late eighties obscurity, Pennywise holds true to the rougish punk scene with "American Dream," a definitive anti-establishment anthem with a commotion of chugging guitars and ruthless drums. Get "American Dream" off of the 1999 album, Straight Ahead.

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