Thursday, July 2, 2009

Red Blue Records

-----------On the color wheel, red and blue make purple (I graduated first-grade art). But these colors also blend together to make Red Blue Records, which features the latest New England punk and hardcore bands that pack more punch than a case of Monster.

Working out of Medford, Massachusetts for several years, Red Blue Records is currently painting the music scene with a handful of New England bands, from the metal-punk Ice Nine Kills to the the mall rock guitar stylings of Brunswick.

"The original idea to create the label was to help brings, like my own at the time – Gone Baby Gone, to the next level," said Michael Krilivsky, owner and co-founder of Red and Blue Records.

Krilivsky said the label began "by hard work, kids that love music, and non stop planning, adapting and executing to help get our artists to where they are now." The label is committed to bringing New England bands the best promotion and networking to get under the spotlight to have their music heard all over.

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