Monday, July 27, 2009

Song of the Day


Jeffree Star - Prisoner

-------------The library - possibly not the most ideal place for heart-pumping, high-voltage techo rock, wouldn't you say? Amidst these walls of knowlegde my brain had a full fledged dance party to "Prisoner," an addicted-to-love surrender by the gender-bender designer, DJ, songwriter, model, and make-up artist, Jeffree Star. Sure, his dramatic makeovers that make him a her could be a little a vant garde, but the self-proclaimed "Queen of the Beautifuls" will have you swiveling your body in six-inch stilletos to "Prisoner" (take it to a nightclub, kids - libraries mean quiet time and I learned it the hard way!). Get it from Jeffree Star's 2009 album, Beauty Killer.

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