Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Song of the Day


Ratatat - Cherry

---------------I trolled around on Pitchfork.com today to find some new albums released today (Tuesday is the official unofficial release date for most albums, by the way), and I wasn't satisfied with the attractiveness of the names on the list.

I saw one band named after what I swear is a character from Harry Potter (Deadelus, as in Deadelus Diggle?, nerds? anyone?), and a separation of a hotspot Florida city, Mi Ami. Not too appealing, let's be real here.

Some of you may have been waiting for me to talk about Ratatat. Ratatat is a New York City electronica duo of Mike Stroud and Evan Mast playing synthesizer and bass, respectively. Not always known as Ratatat, "Cherry is a tribute to the band's original name.

"Cherry" is a sweet-synth mass of Chutes and Ladders chord progressions and a minimalist bass line that's perfect for today of all days. This instrumental album is a prelude to the massive hip hop collaborations Ratatat would do on their next two LP's, working with everyone from Kanye West to Kid Cudi. "Cherry" is the final song on their debut full-length, 2004's Ratatat.

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