Friday, April 23, 2010

Song of the Day

Madonna by the cast of "Glee" - Borderline/Open Your Heart
----------I'm happy to don some geometric plastic earrings, scraggly hair and cone bra for today's post about Madge. And before you start calling me a gleek (an endearing term named for those obsessed with the musical highschoolsical show Glee) the "Power of Madonna" was the first episode I ever viewed.
Of course I prefer the Kaballah queen herself, but the cast of Glee who have broadway credentials from Spring Awakening to failed boy-bands, pulled off this rendition of "Borderline/Open Your Heart" with exceptional, albeit gleeful pizazz.
Glee doesn't keep it PG with "Like a Virgin" or "Express Yourself," amping up the sex appeal to illustrate Madonna's dominatrix schpeil. And Glee would be nothing without Jane Lynch. Jus' Sayin.'

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