Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Song of the Day

Tommy Sparks - She's Got Me Dancing
--------------How fun would it be to get paid to listen to music and pick your favorites for TV shows? I envy you, all of you, who are able to do that for a living - my goodness you must have four ipods full of great music.

Maybe one of those ipods has Tommy Sparks on it, who I'm going to officially name the product placement artist of 2010. Not only was Spark's electro-disco beat "She's Got Me Dancing" featured on an episode of the CW's Gossip Girl, he's also had it featured on an Apple itouch commercial, Sony Eyepet, aannd FIFA 10. Call him a sellout if you wish, but once you listen to "She's Got Me Dancing" from his 2009 self-titled release, you might not care so much. Enjoy!

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