Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Song of the Day


Goldfrapp - Rocket

--------------Allison Goldfrapp's bouncy blonde curls and an intriguing mix of punky lamblike innocence make her appear to be the 2010 Debbie Harrie. She and Wil Gregory have unearthed a planet of electro-rock moments straight out of 1985 on their second full-length, Head First. calls it "roller-disco-synth-pop," but that's too many hyphens for my scholarly and super duper smartypants writings.

The reason for choosing "Rocket" is pretty simple. The video smothers the top of Goldfrapp myspace page, and it just randomly began to play and I said "whaa?!" As you watch, you'll notice the imagery is rather fallic, but fun in a femme fatale kind of way.

Also check out Goldfrapp's 2008 album, Seventh Tree, featuring some favorites like "Caravan Girl" and "Happiness."

Also, I think Starbucks is missing out on a huge business endeavor by not making Goldfrapp into a tasty sweet $7 beverage.

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