Thursday, March 25, 2010

Badasses at Badfish

Last night I worked at a Badfish show. For those who are unaware, Badfish is a Sublime tribute band who have garnered remarkable success for just doing Sublime covers. Honestly...even I can play "Santeria" and "What I've Got" on guitar (hint: if you're just starting to learn because mom let you quit piano lessons, "What I've Got" is cake to learn).

If Badfish were drag queens, I would never know they were dudes. They embody the Dalmation-and-drug-loving party starting band like they're related to them. Bah-leeeve me, watch some Sublime concert clips, then hit up a Sublime show - it's got the same swagger.

Yes, the photo is granier than Bud Light Wheat and it's from the corner, but I was standing guard at the backstage entrance (sounds a lot more awesome than it really was, trust me).

Shows are more fun the more people you have looking completely stupid and acting out of control. The slight pain in the ass that comes from dealing with them then is worth the giggles and finger pointing you have with your co-workers later.

A few friends of mine talked groupies into going towards the merch table and out of our hair. A word: the band usually comes out to say hello. They don't always want you hanging around their dressing room. Let 'em breathe!

My grand moment of the evening came post-encore of "Caress Me Down," "What I've Got," and "Date Rape." Two Chaco and tie-dye wearing hippy chicks who thrashed skankily around the stage at the encore tried to sneak through a back door to the dressing rooms. They said they were looking for a bathroom...yeah.

I kicked those two chicks out and watched them sulk away from giving out free handjobs and getting bragging rights, which I guess is pretty neat-o, in my case.

The show was a lot of fun, in the end. Normally I wouldn't say this, but don't let the fact that Badfish a tribute band get in the way of a good time. Their shows aren't usually a budget-buster, either.


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