Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Song of the Day


Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill

--------------Just bought Plastic Beach today, and spent forever looking at the cover art and the insert. J.C. Hewlett & Zombie Flesh Eaters = pirate pill-popping champagne-sipping dagger-toting excellence.

While in London, ads for Plastic Beach followed me on double-decker buses, stared me in the face in the Underground and played from at least five stores I visited. No doubt because of Virgin Records, who's owner is English and, I don't know, maybe perhaps it has something to do with the gross praise it received.

The album is a bit too dub-steppy for my taste, though it's a taste I'm willing to grow on as the play count increases on my ipod. Flavor aside, the album is somewhat scattered: songs range from scowling, heavy beat synth hypnotizers to alarmingly quicker, more aggressive hip hop tracks.

The proclaimed single "Stylo" is nothing memorable; you're better off listening to the two tracks beforehand, the pacifist hip-hop "White Flag" and "Rhinestone Eyes."

The winner on Plastic Beach is "On Melancholy Hill," which sounds like the missing track from Sixteen Candles. A more popular Molly Ringwald with a thing for neon and nylon would surely get ready for the prom listening to this in the same mix as Duran Duran and R.E.M. You'll get a cheesy, driving up to the house for the first-date feel when you hear it.

I encourage you to get a deep sea exploration of this album and see for yourself what you think of Plastic Beach.

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