Monday, March 22, 2010

Song of the Day


The Early November - Sesame, Smeshame

-----------------I am a villager in a magical land that has near-full-scale blizzards in the middle of March. Imagine, if you will, another village two hours away that enjoyed sunny skies and 70 degrees today. Fair? This pissed off villager thinks not - she wants to trek around in some jorts and tees, not a parka.

And since I'm gonna whine I may as well re-visit myself at the tender age of 13, when I had no idea what a hair straightener was and was so flat you could land a 747 on my front without a bump of turbulence.

Drive-Thru records hit the mark with the Early November. They are among the bands that got our confused teen selves through those tough times and angry times. Sad, sad day when The Early November called it quits. In tribute, write an angry LiveJournal post about your ex and listen to "Sesame, Smeshame" from The Room's Too Cold.

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