Monday, September 6, 2010

Song of the Day

Helen Schneider with The Kick - Weekend
------------So I caved in and listened to some of the new record I got on a completely non-vintage, non-cool site called Youtube.Uuugh (monstrous, tragic groan)I KNOW! How not hip of me! Who can forGIVE me?!
Yeah, uuhm, no I'm impatient. So I listened, and I liked. Weekend is the perfect blend of fun and forgetful, Idontgivvaf*ck taken hold of by early 80's synth that's actually popular nowadays with the more Pitchfork-y crowd. What we can only assume is that Helen Shneider partied like we do now, even back in the rad 80's with that bitchin' cover!...ok, I'm done.

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