Monday, September 13, 2010

Song of the Day

Linkin Park - Dont Stay
-----------I haven't heard Linkin Park since my days of shredding up my garage on...roller-skates in 7th grade listening to Meteora. It was during my angsty-I'll wear pink and black and shop at Pacsun and Hot Topic. Nowadays I don't really look for their name in the new releases list, but when I hear about their latest project, A Thousand Suns, I gave their preview song "The Catalyst" a try.

For one, it's heavier on the whirlwind fantasy-Killers aspect than I remember, and much more bent away from rap. After hearing stuff off A Thousand Suns, I typed in "Dont Stay" and everything got better. This is the Linkin Park that I remember - Overdrive weighted power-chords with underground hip-hop foundations.

No offense to the new album, but for this fan, not much beats Meteora.

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