Friday, September 18, 2009

The Evening After

Well I can definitely admit that I have never heard any cut of Salt n' Peppa's "Push It" performed on the same stage that had an accordion and violins - and the band that pushed it real good? - Scythian. This band had everyone from hippies to hipsters jumping and waving their arms during their fantastic set.

I became acquainted with Mike Ounallah, the drummer from Scythian, after the band's set , and we bonded over our hometown and the venues we liked to haunt and the high schools where we were imprisoned. Cheers, Mike, and to the rest of Scythian - good luck tonight in Bristol!

Before Toubab Krewe, instrumental performers sounded relatively dry to me. However the ethereal dancing, blissful faces, and sweaty stench from the pit drew me in like a mouth to a Corona. There was an ambient mood of a controlled chaotic festival, and it placed me in a lovely reggae afro-beat trance for all of the two hour set.

Toubab Krewe won't be performing with Scythian tonight; they have a show in Knoxville. But if you're dying to get your alcohol or substance infused groove on, click on the links below or grab a ticket to the show.

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