Sunday, September 6, 2009

Song of the Day

Michael Alvarado - Weak At the Knees
----------------Ever heard a song that has such a lively, infectious chorus that you find yourself singing along on the first listen? Michael Alvarado's "Weak at the Knees" is full of sunny warmth and crooning soul. An already energetic jazz piano is caffeinated with Gavin DeGraw-esque vocals and clap breakdowns, ladies will surely love the sensitive-heartthrob attitude that Alvarado will give to a lineup of North Carolina shows this fall.
For those in Boone, North Carolina, Michael Alvarado will be performing at Legends Music Hall with The Gregory Brothers on Friday, September 11. If you can't catch the show, check out "Weak at the Knees" on Michael Alvarado's EP, Waste the Day.

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