Friday, September 11, 2009

Song of the Day


Bo Diddley - I'm a Man

--------------He's gotta spell it out for you. Bo Diddley's proud and provocative "I'm a Man" is rooted in American blues, bringing a sensual and shouting howls up and over harmonica and sharp, jagged guitar. For those unfamiliar with Bo Diddley, he's known as "The Originator" for transitioning blues to rock and roll - not a small milestone in America's social history book. To say that Bo Diddley's music was instrumental in the material of Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, and Eric Clapton is an understatement. Takea listen to a few of his songs - you'll discover the foundations of what has influenced generations and generations of rock n' roll. Get "I'm a Man" from Bo Diddley's 1958 self-titled album.

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