Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Song of the Day


Of Machines - It Must Belong Somewhere

---------------Up until last month, there hasn't been a steady flow of drop-kick fantastic hardcore that I've been dying to gush over. But thanks to the guidance and wisdom of some amazing friends who know the genre like the days of the week, I've been blessed with armloads of artists such as Lydia, Miss May I, Emarosa, and Of Machines. I've selected "It Must Belong Somewhere" because it was the first Of Machines song I was introduced to, and the vocals absolutely blew my mind. "It Must Belong Somewhere" begs for a flame to never extinguish and grasping on to what we (whoever that "we" may be) has for the time, Get the song from Of Machines album, As If Everything Was Held in Place.

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