Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Song of the Day

Photo by Eric Kirk

A Path Less Traveled - An Eye For An Eye Makes Us All Pirates

-----------------My usual formula for finding music on Myspace is accepting a friend request and hearing out the material with no other frame of reference. But for this Song of the Day, I was lucky enough to hear about the popcore stylings of APLT from the band's photographer and brilliant friend, Eric Kirk. The seven members of A Path Less Traveled hail from the Atlanta area, and will celebrate the release of their new EP From Here On Out this Friday with A Heartcake, She Came From Above, Show the Fight, and A Fight For Life.
So what separates APLT from all the other hardcore bands in the southeast? "An Eye For An Eye Makes Us All Pirates" is one of the most popular demos on Epitaph Record's demo forum "Demo-Lition." The teaser tracks to the new EP are effortlessly good with heated vocals and the members exhaust every fiber of their instruments to give an outstanding show. Get "An Eye For An Eye" from APLT's upcoming release From Here On Out.

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