Friday, January 8, 2010

GTL - Song of the Day, The Jersey Shore Edition


Atlantic Connection - Big Shot

------------I'll give this to MTV, what they lack in actual music, they make up for in absolutely ludicrous reality TV. Of course I'm talking about The Jersey Shore, which I initially started watching to giggle and fill in between seasons of Project Runway, but ever since Snooki got punched in the face, I'll be damned if I miss an episode full of drama, Karma and pasta.

Paying tribute to The Situation, bar fights at Karma and grenades was easy - I just checked out the music featured on the show via a little black scrool bar that pops up with an artist and song name during the show (MTV's pennance for slaughtering "music" television). The techno-synth simplicity of Atlantic Connection sums up The Jersey Shore perfectly.

There was no question that Atlantic Connection "Big Shot" is a broast to The Situation, Pauley D, Ronnie and Vinny. "Big Shot" is superficial, sleazy and simple-minded, the perfect song to play on the way back to the house for some pizza and jacuzzi time. Just make sure you don't ask Snooki to get rid of the grenades.
Other Good(ish) Songs of The Shore:
Glycerin - Motionless
Atreyu - Shameful
Oh Darling - Electrocute
Gotta go. GTL, baby. GTL.

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