Monday, January 18, 2010

Song of the Day


Gray Matter - Burn No Bridges

-------------Most of us hear about music from other people (like this blog, for an obvious example). Allowing a genius or Pandora to create a playlist is only a secondary recommendation to word of mouth. Sure, the digital playlists are great and I frequent these tools often if I'm too lazy to throw a mix together on my own. Getting a recommendation from a living being, though, is even better.

Found out about Gray Matter from a forum in one of my music classes. The guy who recommended this band is the type of guy who says "don't listen to that screamo-crap!!!" at the end of the post. If you agree with this guy, Gray Matter is for you. "Burn No Bridges" is fast, furious, frantic, and furrowed in ambition. Get it from Food For Thought/Take it Back.

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