Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Song of the Day


Set Your Goals - Echoes

-------------Continuing with the punk phase here. Ever since Avril hung up her skull-flower "I'm-acoustic-but-my-label-made-me-hardcore" image, punk seems to have taken an upswing. Hence, Set Your Goals, one of female rocker Haley Williams' favorite bands right now. Sounds like Set Your Goals spent some time in the studio with Blink or The Starting Line - any fans will approve with a tremendous "hell yeah!"

Set Your Goals reminds me of all the stuff that inspired me to wear Converse and paint my nails black in middle school. It brings me back to those simpler, angstier times...aah, to have those days back when mom had to drop me off at the skate park...Anyways, you can wax nostalgia or polish off a copy of Set Your Goals 2008 album Mutiny: The Deluxe Edition. Also check out their new album, This Will Be the Death of Us.

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