Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Song of the Day

Run D.M.C. - My Adidas
-------------When the black button-downed garage-band haircut record store cashier guy says "that's a claaaassic!," you can bet your fly kicks you've come across a phat find. Such was the case today when I bought Raising Hell, the Run D.M.C. album that birthed a hip-hop/rock collaboration of epic proportions and basically summarizing the entire musician's rhyming dictionary.

Raising Hell and Run D.M.C. are solely responsible for all of the pre-programmed buzzes, quips and wabbles on the DJ setting of your Casio. The hip-hop group from Hollis, New York, also brought sneakers onto the scene with the eponymous hit "My Adidas."

Joe "Run" Simmons Daryl "D.M.C." McDaniels and Jam Master Jay put a new shine on sneakers with a tribute to the fly kicks:

"My Adidas only bring good news and they are not used as felon shoes."

Run D.M.C. removed their laces from their shoes as a fashion statement based off of the laceless shoes prisoners wore while serving time. Why no laces? So they wouldn't hang themselves.

Ha...hope I didn't scare you with that last bit! But for real - check out Raising Hell to hear the hip-hop legends in old school prime. Now you can wear that Run D.M.C. shirt from Urban Outfitters with more B-Boy cred than one episode of Run's House.


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