Sunday, January 17, 2010

Song of the Day


Augustana - Stars and Boulevards

-------------Alright, I owe you guys, big time, for the extreme absence from the blogosphere. Here's a look into one of my favorite bands that I always forget to mention when someone asks me about the music I like. Augustana flickered for three minutes on Vh1's Top 20 with the single "Boston" off this 2005 album, All the Stars and Boulevards, but the rest of the album is what you should hear to know what Augustana is all about. Lonely in the most compelling sense, Augustana sounds like Train with a bit of baggage to haul around. The album as a whole is rather contemplative with a crossroads theme. To hear new Augustana, check out Can't Love, Can't Hurt. Hope you enjoy it!
Key Tracks: "Sunday Best," "Hotel Roosevelt," "Mayfeild"

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