Sunday, January 3, 2010

Song of the Day


Editors - Escape the Nest

-------------------Once again, I'd like to thank the public library for letting me borrow a stack of CDs to feed the belly of my already morbidly obese laptop. Seriously, that place isn't just for encyclopedias, study sessions or wrapping up a 12-page term paper at three a.m. Plus, I get a nerdy kick out of the labels that indicate the band on the CD is a "Musical Group."

Among the dozen or so "Musical Groups" I selected was Editors An End Has A Start. Editors "Escape the Nest" is riddled with wailing guitar and rides a sweeping, dramatic creshendo. The lyrics sung by a slightly operatic Tom Smith fatnasize the triumph of an ant-sized love in the overwhelming and intimidating size of reality.
Kick-ass clip from Glastonbury 2008:

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