Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Song of the Day


Artist Vs. Poet - Gateway

--------------I heard the music of Artist Vs. Poet the second I saw the band's Purevolume picture. The fresh faces of Fearless Records have their EP, Damn Rough Night, now streaming on the music megasite. Tarcy Thomason sounds like the love child of All Time Low's Alex Gasgarth and The Rocket Summer's Bryce Avary with squeaky clean vocals.

Yeah, you're thinking "I've heard this sound a million times before," right? Does it still make your head bob, your mind go back to stupid and fun nights with your besties, anxious to get the hell out of town the next time mom gives you gas for the hand-me-down minivan? Mission accomplished for this pop-punk group. Get "Gateway" from Damn Rough Night, available now at SmartPunk and MerchNow.

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