Friday, December 11, 2009

Song of the Day

Sienna Skies - Sea of Smiles
-----------Never doubt for a second that hard-hitting rock can't be paired with surprisingly sweet and, dare I say, mushy lyrics. Maybe hardcore isn't your thing because you think it's all about cry-sob "slit-my-wrists-til-I-bleed-on-your-soul" immature banter - baaaaeeeehhh!!(buzzer noise indicating you're wrong). Just take a look at the chorus to today's song, "Sea of Smiles:"

Cause when it comes down to the crunch
I will always be there
A tidal wave of your sea of smiles
These perfect moments shared
And all these moments shared
They will be shared right and true
Nowhere is perfect
Except, here with you

Daawwh! You can't deny the lyrics to "Sea of Smiles" are absolutely swimming with feel-good vibes, and if a beloved reader could open up his or her ears to a different sound, the Sydney, Australia band will be in business.

Speaking of the biz, Sienna Skies released their album, Truest of Colours. Other tracks from the album I'd hit up posthaste are the earth-rocking "Heartquake" and "Daylight Through the Nightlife."

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