Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Song of the Day


Summerlin - I've Got a Future and You're Not In It

----------------The primary colors. The band tees with mummies, robots and splatters painted on the front. The synth-pop rock melodies so catchy, they shake your tushy for you. So is the successful formula for Summerlin, a U.K. powerhouse for punk rock lovers everywhere. They've got SPUNK and I like it, darn it! Why these guys haven't been signed is beyond me (Get on it, A&R!).
"I've Got a Future" is the theme song for your breakup mix, the lyrics you'll quote in your Facebook status and the anthem for the newly and perfectly single.
Even when I'm a batty old woman with christmas lights strung in my front yard yearround and a pile of furniture by the mailbox, I'm gonna love this type of music. I'm pleased as punch to have heard Summerlin, and I hope you'll be happy as a clam with their album, So Make Your Move.

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