Monday, December 14, 2009

Song of the Day


Rock Kills Kid - Hideaway

-----------------Pandora, Pandora, Pandora - every time I open the lid to another boxful of musical magic, I am nothing short of satisfied. The online radio website made me particularly joyful today when Rock Kills Kid snuck into my Nada Surf themed playlist. Rock Kills Kid was an artist to watch waaayy back in 2006 and have often been compared to The Cure and U2. Maybe Jeff Tucker's voice echos sound a little Bono-ish, but judging by the lyrics sour with insincerity and lost innocence, I sense a bit more of The Cure's Robert Smith. Will Rock Kills Kid release an EP anytime soon? It's all up in the air, but for now you can enjoy "Hideaway" from the album Are You Nervous?

Other top-shelf songs from my Pandora playlist:

1. Ok Go - Maybe, This Time

2. The Strokes - Reptilia

3. Matt Pond PA - Emblems

4. Band of Horses - Is There a Ghost

5. Nada Surf - The Plan

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