Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Song of the Day


Ghostland Observatory - Midnight Voyage

-------------Brainstorming bands to bring in for the spring season is always a turbulent hurricane of opinions. Someone could nominate a perfectly terrible group and find out from their colleagues that whomever they thought was totally rad is totally bad.

Sticking my neck out for the duet from Austin, Texas, I voted a big "yes" to Ghostland Observatory. These guys seem to fill their jackets better than most electro-bands on the circuit right now, incorporating a montage of laser-swished guitar melodies to their Daft Punk-influenced beats. "Midnight Voyage" boasts a funky and slightly unexpected rebel-pop guitar riff that carries through dreamlike keyboards and Aaron Behren's vocals. Get "Midnight Voyage" from the Ghostland Observatory album, Paparazzi Lightning.

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